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I think WebFire is the best internet marketing tool ever created and I really love this web-based tool.Before using


I was jumping from one website to another and using some software to research keywords, see competition and finding some good search terms to target and write about. Then after writing the blog post I will go through other websites and software to bookmark, and build links to my new post.

And I could succeed generating some fast traffic to my new post but after 3 or more days it’s over. mainly because I was working on another content and another search term. (it was a bad idea)

Now with WebFire, I spend less time on researching keywords, niches and competition and I could find really better keywords and niches. And after creating my content I keep working on Webfire to create fast traffic to my new posts.


helped me not only to create fast traffic, and sales, but also it build good strong traffic channels that keep driving traffic to my post even when I move on to my next post. and they were honest to claim getting Google first page using their tool for low and medium competition search terms.

The price is a joke, honestly

The video creator worth more than their $49 membership, The same vedio software is sold online for $97 by (EC) and for $147 by (VEq) (I cannot share the names)

Also the commenting platform that allow you to find related blog posts and post comments to get high quality backlinks is a unique tool that worth a lot more than their fee and I think you cannot find a similar tool online.

So my recommendation to you is to test it and try for yourself.

I know that one of the team who created this software is a member here, so Just want to send him a thank you.There are currently 27 tools inside of WebFire that can help get you traffic and rankings. The 7 minute trick can be done using the Macroleads Fire tool where you get free exposure from page 1 in 7 minutes or less. It finds top ranked sites that you can post on that is like siphoning traffic from them to you from page 1.

This finds forums, blogs, Q&A sites, etc.. The vast majority of these sites will post instantly vs. needing to wait a bit to get them approved.

And yes, you can find sites that are ranked #1 in Google yourself, but that’s not what this does. The Macroleads Fire tool finds site that are ranked that you can also post on. To put that into perspective, if you type in a keyword, it will pull up a couple dozen keywords and search all of those pages on the top search engines and list off the ones that you can post on. That’s thousands of pages that it’s going through. It can do this in a matter of minutes. If you wanted to go through thousands of pages by hand and mark off which ones you can post on, you’d probably be spending at least an entire day or two doing just that compared to letting this do the work for you in a few minutes. WebFire

And keep in mind that it’s just one of 27 tools inside of WebFire.

There’s also lots of other ways to get ranked yourself, get immediate exposure, etc. using WebFire. I’ve actually addressed this previously in this thread and on the sales video as well, so I’d encourage you to try it out yourself and let us know if we can be of any help.
If you click on the image below you can see


Free Training Videos Reveal How To Get Fast,Free Traffic To Your Site:

Video No. 1: Free Ride Shortcut – Get exposure for your site or product
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Video No. 3: WebFire Demo – Discover how WebFire can help you
get instant exposure, high quality backlinks, leads and fast, free traffic for life!

WebFire Demo

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